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Automation in IT world will always have limitations.

In PiE world, we overcame all limits by serving our customers through our semi-automated processes' recipes.

For every and each customer, we have our 80% of the ready to go recipe, and we serve them by special 20% add-ons which is customized to their own choice of taste.



We believe that dedication is one of the most key distinguishing factors in our market, we handle our recruitment projects in sequence and not in parallel, we are not fans of multi-tasking through multi-projects, this is why we do serve our clients and our candidates in very professional and high-response service levels.


Delivering Quality within recruitment scope, would require extra investment of time & cost, and this is what we've accomplished at PiE.

We invested in the most advanced solutions in Recruitment world, connected the dots between them, and launched what we view as the most reliable application of recruitment in Middle East.


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