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Saudi Contractors Authority

Headhunt, Executive Search & Interview package services, we delivered all of these services in a 1 stop shop style for the Saudi Contractors Authority at their startup phase, we successfully supported the Authority to higher all resources starting from top management team till fresh graduates, We served the startup phase Human capital sourcing since 2017 and continued till end of 2018, we are proud to have SCA as our strategic client on some some other professional services projects.

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Bankruptcy Commission

Along with the new Kingdom's strategic transformation programs, the market needed more flexible and clear exit strategy as a normal stage for companies in any open market life-cycle, the Bankruptcy Commission was appointed as a new organization responsible for this stage of the companies' life-cycle. We supported the Bankruptcy commission hiring professional team with multiple experiences and educational backgrounds in Finance, Accounting, Auditing, Law, Investigation and other support function jobs, we successfully closed the jobs since 2018 till 2019. And we consider them a strategic client on some other professional services projects.  

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We got the required temporary manpower for Manwa through our O&M suppliers in no time, from within the local market, on project-basis pricing, they have delivered a lot of work at different areas in Saudi Arabia for Manwa projects.


Creative Closets approached us for a short-term manpower contract to get the required work done until their overseas hiring process is completed, they got the required labor for a contract of 2 months, which is very challenging to find in Manpower market, however through our qulified suppliers we were able to support them with a simple one call to deliver.



We are proud to provide Virgin mobile with effective consultation on their startup phase at Saudi Arabia, it includes the best recruitment process they can follow, human resources and positions required at their start-up phase and how should the office space be attracting and play a big role in their working environment.



ESAD manpower services company approached us for a short consultation on their operational model and functional setup. And they also got our executive search package and hired best-fit talents through PiE



ERADA requested pie for the best long-term solution regarding their manpower resources required for different projects around the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They successfully got what they required through one of our qualified manpower suppliers, the project is still ongoing.



Our Food & Beverage client, who required some industry-specific senior positions to be fulfilled, and so it was with PiE.


A 20 year old business which the owners have decided to boost up their organization, we handled the process the people and the system for them. It is either your hire highly-paid consultants to deliver you the right business strategy, or you recruit highly-qualified talents and get them develop the strategy and implement it. ABS have hired the right talents proudly through PiE.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 

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